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A Little About the Academy

As a society of Seekers and Doers, we understand the importance of research and the knowledge of the various Scientific, Cultural, and Spiritual Traditions of the world, and the potential Light of which it transmits. We have therefore, dedicated this public portion of our forthcoming “Mystery School” – TRI Online – to allow members and non-members alike to share their research in a safe, non-bias, nor judgmental, atmosphere, in the form of a presentation and discussion in a Socratic manner. All discussions are that of the research/opinion of the presenter and do not necessarily reflect the stance of TRI.

If interested in joining us in our online discussions, please feel free to register via Eventbrite and/or follow us on Facebook via our Page or Public Facebook Group.

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Future Presenters: If interested in presenting your work and research based on our principles and mission as stated, please click here and someone will contact you.

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